Supported Accommodation

Time2time has succeed by maintaining a highly talented and motivated workforce able to form trusted relationship quickly and inspire young people effectively.

Time 2time will continue to deliver elements of or all of progression pathways for young people facing homelessness to the complete satisfaction of commissioners and funders. A significant element of this involves continually ensuring every aspect of a service can be measured and report on. Going forward Time2time Will continue to conceive, pilot and promote new service models and adaptation to existing service models that meet the needs of both services users and commissioners.

Time2time will continue to deliver and improve its service user engagement activity to empower service users to achieve their potential and to contribute to the development of its high quality person-centred services and it’s policies and procedures.

Time2time will support and evidence its achievements and activities through the use of efficient and transparent business systems and processes.

Time2time works specifically for single young people (generally age 18-24) because they have different needs from rough sleepers.

Time2time know that young people can quickly overcome the challenges that cause and raise from homelessness and our missions is to make sure homelessness becomes a single moment in their history not a regular event.We achieve this by listening to what young people tell us works and making sure our services address their needs and ambitions We help young people turn their lives round we help them develop skills for independent living for the work place and for life. To do this we need volunteers who understands the challenges faced by some young people and who have time and the right skills to help achieve this. Whether its working directly with young people Time2time help or working behinds the scenes to support young people.

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